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I found you.. we promised we would meet up this life. Lets pick up where we left off. 

“The effort is to make ourselves more real to ourselves.” -
Christian Wiman

For Love

What if I wrote forever.. could I count on you to read such an endless novel?
Let’s say this novel answered all of the questions you’ve ever wanted to know. Let’s go a little deeper and say that it has the answers to questions you haven’t quite asked yourself yet. Every word spread across the heavens. Built by the very stars that shine before you. Such a journey of in itself.
Would this be a blessing or a curse? After all, it is your God given right to ask any & everything you may wish to know.. I just don’t think you can handle forever if I told you.
You see…
Forever isn’t the language of the conscious. There aren’t enough words to even begin such a final journey.

Just know that if I could.. I would do it for you.

-Chris Sims

"The effort is to make ourselves more real to ourselves."

Christian Wiman
Just a poem I wrote last night.. Can’t wait for you to hear it though. 

It’s about a boy who crossed over and saw the universe for what it was. Only understanding that he had god within him the entire time.

One Young Night

The term “the night is young” never meant anything good..  

Naive nature. 

Losing yourself a little more.

Back tracking as you trample over doubt. 

Now the night is over.. only wishing it could be forgotten.

Just remember the time when the night was young..

Maybe you’ll be fine. 

- Chris Sims

Little Boy In Blue.

The taste of the coffee I drink is never consistent.
However the flow of traffic is.
I almost know half of them by name.
You can really see life here.
The people walking by, it sparks so many emotions.
Today I saw a little boy with his mother..
Wearing all blue trailing far behind.
His blue eyes were filled with wonder, as if the world could do no harm. In his hand was a wind catcher spinning uncontrollably. When he looked at me he saw every bit of good I sometimes forget I have.
Here I am searching for more meanings from more questions. I’ll never be satisfied..
This journey of knowing only leads to more separation. It’s time to have faith.. Like that little boy in blue.
Maybe that was god talking.
God is always talking.. Even right now.

- Chris Sims

Good morning. ##
I love what I do.